Prelude to New Beginnings

Whew, what a year! 

I can't say that I'll miss 2014, at all. Although it has had its nice moments, it has been riddled with hurt and misery, and I say good riddance!  In light of the new year that is fastly approaching, and of the recent life changes I've made, I figured it was as good a time as any to reevaluate everything, photography included. 

I'm now a single, working for peanuts mom, and every little expenditure counts. That's why I'm going back to where it all started. I'm giving up my website, which was about to cost me $$$, only allowing myself the cost of keeping my domain name, and switching it all to Blogger. My first photography adventure started here, and I have honestly missed the simplicity of it. And let's face it, free is good!  So yeah, as soon as I figure out how to transfer my domain from Portfoliobox to 1and1, and then have it directed here, I'll be set, web presence wise. 

Now I have to tackle my gear issues. I'm so frustrated with Nikon, it isn't even funny! I went out last night with a couple of friends to shoot around the Short North in Columbus. I pulled my camera out of the bag 0 times, because I knew there was no point. The photos wouldn't even be in focus, and I'd be all pissed for having spent my energy on it. So I just didn't. I did however take one shot on my phone, that wasn't a selfy. Gasp! ;-) I saw this bicycle all alone in an alley way (symbolism at its best!), and it immediately drew me in. I was tempted to pull out my camera, but thought better of it. So, I just used by Nexus 5, and I think it turned out ok, but of course it could have been better with a functioning dslr. Thanks again, Nikon! Sigh. Maybe I'll have to make an art of blurry photos, eh? 

Anyway, I'm also going to keep the B&W Project going next year, with a bit of a format change. Inspite of the above mentioned issues, I can't abandon my project and it's wonderful followers. I'll have details on that soon. Yay! 

And yeah, that's about it for now. I better get back to trying to make my blogger site presentable and stuff. It's been so long since I used it, that I've forgotten how it all works. Wish me luck!  Oh, and you guys can still purchase my prints through Crated, if you are so inclined. I'll do my best to get it updated soon. Maybe one of these days I'll even have some new stuff there.