Spring Has Sprung

The Bees Knees

Yesterday was so very lovely in so many ways. It started with having tea on the balcony with my most awesome company, +Brandon Luk. It was so nice to sit in the morning sun, listen to the birds, have a great conversation with that special someone, and just be. Such a fantastic start to our day. A perfect balance of lazy and productive. 

Afterwards, we headed to German Village in Columbus for some yummy food at Schmidt's and to do some stolling & shooting. Mainly the photography, but the food was great and filling, and I know I killed any progress I have made on my quest to eat right. There had to be 2000 calories in that one meal! Yikes! It was super yummy, but I digress. Where was I? Oh yes, shooting in German Village. Things are still relatively gray and blah here, but I did manage to find a few signs of spring rearing there beautiful petals.  And a few troopers, doing their part to usher in Spring goodness. 

The whole day was beautiful and filled me with the renewed desire to get out and explore. I can't wait for the green to settle in and for the flowers to bloom. It will truly be lovely. On the other hand, pollen is evil! I can't breathe, my eyes are burning & twitching, and my head may explode. But it's all so beautiful. Am I right?

And then the weekend ends, and all I have left are the memories and a few photos...