Voorhees Revisited

The B&W Project
Week 6/26: Inspired by TV/Film
#BWProject26 | +Tisha Montgomery +Brandon Luk +Alison Christensen & +Lauri Novak 

Posted approximately 4 1/2 hours before Friday 13th, because once again, a girl has to work. Yrp! Pulling OT just to make rent. 

The theme this week is inspired by TV/film and just happens to fall on Friday the 13th, so I couldn't resist having a bit of fun. My shot isn't what I had envisioned, and didn't go as planned, but it is what it is. I mean hello, I keep forgetting that I no longer have a 20 year old body. Dang it!  Anyway, I wanted to go for the sexy side of Jason Voorhees, but ha! Sexy and me are certainly not synonymous. I felt quite silly and a bit embarrassed, even if it was just me and my camera. So I decided to just go dark and be done with it. I'll save sexy for the beach, once I got lipo! Until then I'll stick with car selfies. 

On a brighter note, you can still join in on the B&W fun it you haven't already. Check out the details on our Google+ page, The B&W Project.  The next theme is sure to put you in the mood for April showers and May flowers, and all that is Spring. Ok maybe not, but it will help you use a common item that most of us have tucked away somewhere. Stay tuned for the announcement! 


  1. I still love your interpretation to this one even if you had other ideas. It's dark, moody and the shadows are fantastic!


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