Life's Doors

When One Door Shuts...

I believe everything happens for a reason. Doors open and bring to us something or someone that we need at that stage of our life. On the same note, doors close to eliminate things or people that no longer make sense. And sometimes, doors offer us a place to stash away what isn't working at the moment, but might work again in the future. It isn't always a beginning or an ending, sometimes it just serves as a green room, where we put all our fabulous things and awesome guests just waiting to come back on stage to greet our adoring fans.

No matter what the door represents it can be filled with joy, surprises, heartache, inspiration, and many other wonderful and not so wonderful emotions/gifts/lessons. Thing is, everyone experiences it. No one is immune. You can't avoid life's ever changing doors, but what you can do is learn to accept and maybe even embrace them, and then move on.

I've closed a lot of doors in the past few years, and opened just as many new ones. Each door has come with an experience that has either wow'd me or cut me to the bone. Each has offered up a life lesson that I'd be none the wiser to had I not decided to see the door, open it, experience what it has to offer, and learn from that experience.