Complimented Opposition

The B&W Project
Week 12/26: Ying Yang
#BWProject26 | +Tisha Montgomery +Brandon Luk +Alison Christensen & +Lauri Novak

Webster's Dictionary defines Yin Yang as...

1: relating to, symbolizing, or being the Chinese principles of yin and yang
2: being or comprising opposite and especially complementary elements

And if you Google it, you'll find all kinds of meanings for ying yang, and many of them focus on the opposing yet complementary elements and/or forces. Light & dark, good & evil, old & young, etc... Given the definitions and explanations for its meaning, one could have go in so many directions with this week's photography theme. I chose the simple route. Why? Well because it's the night before the photo is due, and I have this cool spice dish. So, I made the best of what I had available.

I chose oil and vinegar to be the elements in my ying yang spice dish. Opposites that nicely compliment one another. And yes, that it pretty much all there is too it. Enjoy!