Drops of Jupiter

The B&W Project
Week 13/26: Shallow Depth of Field
#BWProject26 | +Tisha Montgomery +Brandon Luk +Alison Christensen & +Lauri Novak

Depth of field can be such a fun aspect of photography to play around with, so of course I had to make it one of the assignments for this year's B&W project. And of course, I've been crazy busy with life and such, and waited until the last minute to shoot anything. Also, it's been super rainy here, so getting out to shoot hasn't been on my list of priorities. Anyway...

With company coming in tomorrow, I decided I'd better search out something for my shot after work today. So,  I found this out on my rain soaked balcony, and decided it was as good a subject as any. If you use your imagination and gaze upon it at just the right angle, you can see the moon, or perhaps Jupiter? ;)