Losing My Head

The Greek Goddess Effect

Yesterday I went on a photowalk with some fellow G+ers, well ok it rained us out so really we went on a museum stroll, but anyway... we got together to shoot things, and shoot things we did. We moved our outing indoors to the ROM, and I happened upon this lovely lady in the busts section and felt she and I had something in common. We were both running around like a Greek goddess with our head cut off. Ok, maybe I'm running around and she's leisurely hanging out in the ROM, but again, anyway...  My point being is that this is how I feel most of the time these days. I work hard, put much effort into things that mean the most to me, and in the end I feel like it gets me nowhere. All my running and effort is for naught. 

Such is life I suppose. There really is no fairytale ending, no demigod life, and no silver lining inserted just where it's needed.  There are just bad days with a few good sprinkled here in there just enough to give you hope that one day it will all have been worth the effort. To keep you striving for whatever it is you seek. To keep you running around like a Greek goddess with your head cut off.