Mae's Lily

Meeting His Mother
Nerves & Hugs & Gardens, oh my! 

Recently I had the privilege to be taken home to meet his mother.  That's something I haven't had to do in so long, and I was so completely nervous. Just ask +Brandon Luk and he'll tell you, I was wigging out. Does anyone use that term anymore? I mean how old does that make me? Anyway, I digress... I was taken to the absolutely adorable town of Kingston, Ontario and walked up the sidewalk to the second of his childhood homes, where he rang the doorbell, and I waited.

It seemed as if it took forever for her to get to the door, and I wasn't sure how to greet her. I'm a hugger by nature, but different cultures do different things, and I didn't want to offend, so when I walked in I greeted her with a smile, a "nice to meet you", and when I shook her hand she reached in for the most amazing hug ever and gave me the sweetest smile. I loved her instantly! And then I saw how warmly she greeted her son, and I think my heart melted. She was a perfectly sweet host and even with the language barrier, she made me feel more than welcome in her home.

I discovered on that visit that she loves flowers, and of course that just made her even more awesome in my eyes. Her little backyard has a perimeter of flowers, in such neat OCD fashion, that I think I could camp out there all day. So of course I had to get out and take a few photos while I was there.