Squint Much?

“There are no bad pictures; that's just how your face looks sometimes.” 
― Abraham Lincoln

Ha! So Lincoln says, and it's a pretty good excuse for my face in this otherwise lovely photo of me and Brandon. Let me give you some backstory on this...

Last Sunday we took a drive to Blue Mountain, which is about an hour from where Brandon lives. We went with the intentions of getting some photos of me and Nicholas before he starts his new adventure back in Arkansas. Well, it was unusually hot in Ontario that day, and after standing in the flippin' hot sun for ever, waiting for an overpriced gondola ride to the top of the mountain, I was certainly not as put together looking as I had been when we left the condo that morning. As a result, there wasn't one good photo of Nicholas and I, because of me and my melted appearance. He of course, is always photogenic, which on one hand makes me want to puke, but I can't begrudge him his good looking genes. He is, after all, my son. ;) 

Anyway, while we were there, I insisted on some shots of me and Brandon. And this one, setup by and taken on Brandon's camera, with the help of Nicholas, turned out great. Except for me! I look like I'm winking. Gah! You see, this is what happens when I take off my sunglasses outside, even on a cloudy day. I squint. I'm very light sensitive. Almost vampire like. Sigh. And you guys wonder why I'm always wearing shades in my photos. Also, my face was red after all that sun exposure, so I chose to convert to B&W. #ILoveTheMeltySun 

Now I just need one of my awesome photographer friends to photoshop a non-squinty eye in place of the squinty one, and it will all be good. Yeah?