We Have a Venue!

So, we've picked out our wedding bands, booked the flights, and now after much searching, discussing, fretting, and wine, we have decided on a place in Florida to get married. We are super excited about it, because it's only about an hour away from where we'll be staying, and it looks like a great place for us to go do some photography afterwards. Win win! So w/out further adieu, I give you the gorgeous Jupiter Island! 

We still have to narrow down exactly where  on  the  island,  but  at least it's a start. We are looking at either  Blowing  Rocks  Preserve, which is actually pictured above, or  Coral  Cove  Park.  Both  have very similar scenery, but  operating  hours  are  very  different.  One may also be more crowded  than  the  other.  Yada yada. Either way we go, it will be beautiful, and I'm super excited to be marrying my best friend! 

Ooh and we also have the very talented Gilmar taking the ceremony photos. Heck yes! I'm so excited to finally meet my sweet friend in person, and love that she'll be capturing this wonderful moment for us. I feel like it's all coming together, and I can't stop smiling! Now if we can just convince that certain someone to drive over from Tampa to officiate, we'll have all the details wrapped up nicely.  If not, do any of my Florida friends want to get ordained in the religion of Dudeism, so you can marry us? Come on, you know you want to! :-) 

Meanwhile, I'm still painting the condo, when I'm there. It seems to be coming along nicely. A blog post of my progress will follow soon. Until then... stay positive, love deeply, and be happy!