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Great Tropical North, eh?!

“I'm an adventurer, looking for treasure”― Paulo Coelho
Yesterday I found a treasure that had, up to that point, been hidden from me. Brandon and I ventured up to Bruce Peninsula to take some photos of the Grotto, and once there I was amazed at the sight. It felt as if I had stepped off a plane on some tropical island and I was instantly in love with my surroundings. The water was varying shades of blues and greens that lapped at the craggy rocks and cliffs, and made me wish I had all day to just sit there and listen to it's hypnotizing song. 
Alas, paradise had been invaded... though this place was beautiful and inviting, it was full to the brim with tourists and I couldn't even get one shot without someone photobombing me. The noise of the people's conversations, often being yelled, and the chaotic movements of their scurrying about made me feel claustrophobic in this otherwise expansive setting. I soldiered on though, and promised myself that I'd go back when I co…

One Month to the Day!

That's right my lovelies. One month from today I will be standing on a Florida beach, with my toes in the sand, hand in hand with the man I love, and I will become his wife and he my husband. I can not wait!  To say we are excited would be the understatement of the century.  All the planning for the ceremony, the following honeymoon, and then all the mountains of paperwork have had us so busy that I've sadly neglected La Vie Uncorked. So, let me get you caught up.
The date and time have been set, the beach has been chosen, the photographer & officiant are lined up, airplane tickets & rental car secured, wedding attire has been purchased, and the bride & groom are sufficiently frazzled, beside ourselves, over the moon in love, ready to make this awesome relationship official and begin our lives together as man & wife. Can you tell we're excited? 
There are still a few things to take care of such as what am I going to do with my hair? Where will I find the plum…