It's Beginning to Look Cheery in Here!

I love Love LOVE Christmas! That being said, I'm really not one of those fanatical, keep my tree up all year long kind of people. Though I have to admit, the tree certainly is a pretty decoration that I hate to see put away at the end of the holiday season. But seriously, I'm not fanatical about Christmas. I usually cringe too when I see people decorating for Christmas at the end of October / beginning of November. For my fellow Americans, we haven't even enjoyed Thanksgiving yet! And for those of us in Canada, we are just now getting over Thanksgiving, so give us time to breathe! Sheesh! 

This year is different for me though; for a few reasons... 

This will be the first Christmas Brandon and I spend together, as husband and wife. Do I really need to expound on this? No, I didn't think so. But I will anyway. I'm finding that this being a first for us is making me even more excited about the holiday season than I normally am. It's a milestone and memories in the making, and I'm in love so the birds are chirping, and I'm hurrying about the house like Snow White on a mission! It's exciting dang it! 

I also find that my recent move to Canada has me a bit sad and missing my friends and family in the states; especially my son. Top that off with the general sadness I am feeling for my country after the recent election, and I am in major need of a cheery environment. Stat! And what better way to get in a cheery mood than to surround yourself with Christmas, eh?  

So yeah, I decided to forgo my traditional day of Christmas decorating (usually reserved for the evening of Thanksgiving in the US), and I put my tree up last Friday. Since then, I've added a few new red throw pillows to the sofa, a candle wreath to the coffee table, and I'm currently on the lookout for an awesome acacia wood centerpiece bowl for my dining table so I can fill it with Christmas cheer as well.  And yes, having these things around is helping to lift my spirits, and to me, that's well worth all the ridicule that my friends want to throw at me for decorating way too early. You know who you are, ahem... Lauri! 

PLUS... with Christmas lights up, you have a season of endless possibilities for lovely bokeh photos, yay! And who doesn't love bokeh photos?  

Anyway, until next time... Stay Positive, Love Deeply, & Be Happy!