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Corky Holiday Crafts

Hello, lovelies! I know it's been a while, ok 7 months is more than a while. Anyway...

It should come as no surprise to those who know me, but for those that don't, I absolutely LOVE Christmas! Decorating my house makes me happy because it makes everything feel so warm, inviting, and full of cheer. In fact, I've had my tree up for weeks now. Yep, weeks. And it will likely stay up well into January.

Back in the day when I had a full house to decorate, I went all out. A tree in the living room, two on the front porch, and one in my son's room. Centerpieces and holiday nicknacks covered pretty much every available surface, not to mention the lighted garland and lights on the outside of the house. But now I'm in a small condo and though there are plenty of things to decorate, there isn't any place to store said decorations in the offseason. So I have to get creative by sprucing up the decor already in place. Today I did just that with my dining table centerpiece.