Social Media Blackout

Hello, lovelies!

Yeah I know, it has once again been months since I posted here and I have no good excuses, so we'll just carry on and pretend all is right with the world, ok? Ok!

I've been thinking about Lent and what I might give up for it this year.  I choose to do this every year because I think there is so much to be gained from temporarily or permanently giving up things in our lives that can have a negative effect on us.

Last year, Brandon and I gave up sweets. I had done so in previous years, but this was Brandon's first time participating in Lent, and it was quite an interesting experiment for him. I'm not sure he loved it so much, and I'm not sure I'll be able to talk him into participating this year, but we shall see.

Anyway... this year I have chosen to give up social media such as Instagram (yeah, that's going to be tough), Twitter, and Facebook. I still have the option to blog here, as it really isn't social when you're the only person reading your blog, right? So yeah, from Valentine's Day to March 29th I'll be on a social media blackout. If you'd like to keep up with me during that time, you can check in here. I make no promises about posting anything, but you never know. I may even post my weekly print photos here. I'm not doing one this week, btw, because I'm just going to reprint the one from last week, only larger. Fun!

I'm hoping that by eliminating social media I'll free up time to get creative with my photography, read books, spend uninterrupted, quality time with my fabulous husband & family, and just enjoy life unplugged. I've already permanently eliminated much of my social media (leaving just the 3 mentioned above), and yet I've been tempted to do more. Maybe this will be just the catalyst I need.