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ICM Techniques Create Impressionist Style Photographs

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

You may be asking, what is ICM? Well, ICM stands for Intentional Camera Movements and it's a technique you can use to achieve very interesting results like the photograph above and the two below; simply by moving your camera when taking a photo, and some other technical stuff like lowering your shutter speed. Using these techniques allows you to be creative and gives your images an impressionist look & feel that you won't get with traditional photography.

My examples of ICM are pretty tame, as you can still see what the images are, but many photographers use these techniques to create truly one of a kind pieces of abstract art that are breathtakingly beautiful. One person in particular, Andy Gray, is known to use this technique so well, and he creates such beautiful artwork with it. Make sure you check out his work, and support him by purchasing some of his fabulous pieces. Or perhaps you want to learn these techniques for yourself? He can help you with that too, so check him out!

I only briefly tested the waters of this type of photography a few years back, and today just happened across these photos in my archives and thought perhaps I should give these techniques another try sometime. It's really fun and it can get your creative juices flowing when you're otherwise in a photography rut, or just in middle of a pandemic. Am I right? #COVIDrut

There are all kinds of video tutorials out there explaining how to use this technique, so I won't bore you with those details here. Instead I'd just suggest a simple Google search for ICM Photography Tutorials, which should lead you in the right direction. I'll also reiterate that Andy would be a great person to learn these techniques from and you'd be supporting a self-employed artist.

Anyway, if you'd like to see more photos as well as video content, please visit me on my Instagram page linked below. Until next time, make sure you are following me on Instagram and Twitter and that you subscribe to my blog (at the bottom of the page!). I promise never to send you spam, just notifications of new posts. Remember to be kind, be loving, & be better!

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