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LCBO Wines $10 or Less: April 2020

Updated: May 25, 2020

Hello lovelies! We are on day 44 of #SocialDistancing & #SelfIsolation in our household and therefore have had quite the opportunity to try out new wines, or so you'd think. First of all, we gave up alcohol for Lent and though we did fairly well with that, we only made it just halfway through before we made ourselves some quaratinis. Yeah I know... and that was followed up a few days later by some wine. BUT... those were pretty much our only slips in the whole give up alcohol for Lent ordeal. I was nonetheless quite frustrated with myself because I've never had a cheat day during Lent, and I'm positive had the pandemic not occured, I will have aced this Lent challenge with flying colors. But I digress. Secondly going out to the LCBO to buy alcohol during a pandemic seems a bit like playing it fast and loose with your health, so we've limited those types of trips, which hasn't made leisurely browsing for new wines easy.

Anyway... last month we featured two white wines so this month we are featuring two reds, which made my husband's day because he's a red kind of guy. His tastes lean towards the Malbecs and Shiraz's of the world, where I like a lot less acid with my wine, ya know? That being said, there have been a few of those varietals that have been fairly smooth and impressive, even for me, and this month we are featuring two of them. So without further a ado, I bring you April's Picks!

Our first pick is Frontera After Midnight Dark Red Blend, a full-bodied yet smooth red blend by Concha Toro S.A. in Chile. This blend rates a D (dry) on the sweetness scale and it alcohol percentage is a 12. It would pair well with burgers, ribs, and pretty much anything you'd find yourself consuming at a BBQ! If you're like me and like your reds to be a bit more on the smooth side, you'll really enjoy this red blend. The cost for this wine is $8.95 CAD which is about $6.35 USD.

Our second pick is Comuna Shiraz-Malbec red blend, a full-bodied yet smooth red blend by Bodega Argentina in the Mendoza region of Argentina. This blend rates a D (dry) on the sweetness scale and it alcohol percentage is a 13.5. A bit more potent than the first pick, but still pairs well with beef & BBQ dishes. This bend is smooth, but I find our first pick to be the winner when it comes to this little, yet important detail. The cost for this wine is $9.95 CAD which is about $7.06 USD.

*Just a note on our currency conversions... these change daily as it all depends on the strength of both the Canadian and US dollar. Right now the currency conversion rate is definitely in favor of the US dollar, and will most likely be that way for a while, thanks once again to COVID-19.*

So there you have it, our two picks for April. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram & Twitter and to subscribe to the blog so you never miss a publication!

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