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Updated: May 25, 2020

As I mentioned previously, my husband's perfect attendance at work (10 years straight!) earned him a travel voucher from his employer and enabled us to take a vacation at a time in which we otherwise wouldn't have been able to afford it. We really were thankful for this pleasant surprise as we both were in need of a little rest & relaxation. My husband works incredibly hard and his stress level is through the roof. He is expected to shoulder much more (professionally & personally) than any one person should ever have to. So, if anyone deserves a vacation, it's him!

He fell in love with Portugal when we visited in 2018, so we thought we'd give it another look, and even explore areas we hadn't previously. It was a lovely trip! I loved exploring new areas such as Porto and Nazaré, as well as discovering new neighborhoods in Lisbon. Going back to Lisbon a second time gave us the ability to just wander and relax. The first time we were running from tourist attraction to tourist attraction, and it was exhausting. On this trip there were only a few new things on our list to see, and the rest of the time was spent wandering around beautiful cobbled streets and having snacks & drinks in cafes hidden away from the main tourist areas. It was wonderful!

Unfortunately, I've been sick since I returned home, and unable to go back to work until my doctor clears me (more on that later), hopefully on Tuesday... fingers crossed! So, I haven't exactly been up to sitting at my desk, culling & editing photos, and doing a layout for a travel post. Hopefully soon! Until then, check out our Instagram accounts for snaps from the trip. My account is @tisheyelensphoto and Brandon's is @thebrandonluk. I'm only posting photos taken from my iPhone 11 at this point, but oh my gosh, this new phone is awesome! I bought it for the camera, and I'm not disappointed.

I can't wait to share our trip with you!

Such gorgeous light!

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